Igor Jovanovic

MSc of Finance

Igor Jovanovic

MSc of Finance

Hi, I'm Igor Jovanovic!

MSc of Finance

• An overall experience of 5+ years in various technologies of BigData
• Strong programming skills in Python, XQuery, VBA, MS Access, Stata, advanced with MySQL, NoSQL (Marklogic), JSON / XML manipulations, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Java (1.8 concepts)


Full name

Igor Jovanovic




Naritaweg, Amsterdam





Senior IT Consultant - June 2019 - Present, Urecht

Working on the clients’ projects by providing the development services as well as the education and training of the internal team. Exposure to the international work environment and frequent travels to the destination of the clients. Main technologies that are used concern  MarkLogic, Data Hub, XQuery, JavaScript, and Java.


IT Development Engineer - March 2018 - May 2019, Rotterdam

• BigData project that involves development of a complete data warehouse solution (including CI/CD) for collecting/restructuring/securing/harmonizing and presenting the data from different data sources

• The application is built on XQuery within MarkLogic DataHub Framework and Micro Strategy business intelligence interface

• The application inherits complex users structure (from other sources) that is embedded into MarkLogic (security/users/roles) resulting in a data-centric security, that is, every user is allowed to see only a fraction of the available data

• The project was developed in a way that offers a complete track of ingested and harmonized documents (reconciliation system) as well as missed files tracking and database reshuffling in case of disordered ingestions/harmonizations


TCF Data Analyst - April 2017 – February 2018, Rotterdam

• Large data sets manipulations through VBA

• Construction of automated Excel/VBA/Access tools needed for reporting

• Trend Analysis VBA program capable of analyzing clients

• DNB survey with dynamic reporting (Word VBA + Access + User forms) internationally used

Freelancer at Fiverr.Com

Web designer and developer - June 2008 – Present

• Hundreds of different website projects across various web platforms
• 688 positive reviews from international clients
• Average 5/5 stars rating


IT Skills

NoSQL/SQL/MarkLogic/XQuery/XPath/SPARQL advanced skills. Python knowledge focused on statistical/quantitative/data analysis applications – ability to write financial algorithms, familiarity with numpy, pandas, statsmodels and other packages. Quantopian.Com markup familiarity. Java (1.8) concepts recognition. Business intelligence tools: Micro Strategy, Knowi, Tableau, PowerBI, AppDynamics. CI/CD: Gradle, Maven, Jenkings, Git, BitBucket, REST services, Apache NiFi, Swagger API. Editors: IntelliJ, Eclipse, SubLime. Advanced skills in VBA (Excel) – ability to write macros, functions for data analysis purposes; simulations and financial markets data familiarity; construction of dynamic dashboards for smart reporting. Access and Excel integration through VBA with possibility of user forms in both programs; data structuring via Access; SQL queries embedded in dynamic Access report; reports design. Familiarity with STATA statistical software, ability to write loops, combine data from multiple sources (merging, splitting, appending). Web-based programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Other platforms: WordPress, IBM Connections + Lotus Notes, Confluence, Cascade, SharePoint, Jira. Data sources: Familiar with gathering/analyzing/manipulating Reuters Datastream data. OS: Linux (RedHat/SuSE/Ubuntu), Windows, macOS. Security: Kerberos, LDAP, ActiveDirectory


Mother tongue: Serbian (understand also Croatian, Bosnian), English (Proficient – TOEFL iBT test score 98/120), Dutch (Basic), German (Beginner)


MSc Finance

Vrije Universiteit - Sept. 2016 – July 2017

• Relevant courses: Empirical Finance, Asset Pricing, Derivatives, Institutional Investments and Asset Liability Management
• Thesis topic “Dynamic Models for Dutch Stocks Market Liquidity Forecasting”, supervisor Andre Lucas – reference on the demand.
• Focus, continuity, and consistency – 40 exams passed in sequence without an insufficient grade
• Co-author of the article “The Art of Transformation: Will Banks Keep Up?” published by the University on the official research blog.

BSc Hons. Finance, banking and insurance

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics - Sept. 2012 – June 2016

• Relevant courses: Statistics, Investments, Banking, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Economic and Mathematical Models
• The best student scholarship award by fund “Dositeja”
• Among the top 5% of the best students with an average grade 9.18/10
• Course completed 4 months before an official end of academic year

Business Administrator

High School of Economics and Trade of Krusevac - Sept. 2008 – June. 2012

• Relevant courses: Statistics, Mathematics, Informatics
• Maximum grade on the matura exam (high-school exit exam)

Extracurricular activities

Events and awards

  • “Building XQuery applications with Marklogic” seminar 21.02 – 24.02.2018, Den Haag
  • Conference and workshop on machine learning and AI held by GOOGLE (November 2017)

  • First monetary prize (among 30 participants selected by top GPA score criterion) in order book based trading exercise (June 201

  • First prize, International Economic Student Summit 2015 (October 2015)

Case Study „Youth Friendly Banking Products“, sponsored by Vojvođanska Banka (National Bank of Greece)

  • Seventh place of 50 teams, Ernst & Young (Dec 2014)

Case Study: „Learn Today Lead Tomorrow“

  • First place, Professional Competition (April 2014)

„How to initiate Serbian Economy“, Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade

  • CEO Conference (November 2015)

Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade

  • Student Parliament (2011-2012)

High School of Economics and Trade


  • Full marathon – 42KM – (the best time 04:10:11)
  • Half-marathons – 21KM – (the best time 01:50:52) and mountain running
  • Played soccer for the best local football club – FK Napredak (2003-2010)
  • Three years of intensive karate training
  • Red Cross blood donor and a member of Association of emergency situations (floods, etc.)




Naritaweg, Amsterdam





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